How to get email alerts for free Kindle books at Amazon, using IFTTT and top 100 free amazon lists

Update, December 1, 2013: Unfortunately Amazon removed the rss link for the top free book list, leaving only the rss link for the best seller list. Until we get a good alternative (working on it), I opted for a regular check at these amazon pages, for free Kindle books and also promotional deals:

    note: You can adjust to other Kindle departments in Kindle Store using the Department browser  on the left

Although there are many tools & sites for checking on free kindle books at Amazon I have settled on using IFTTT (the tool that reads “if this than that”) and amazon top 100 lists (particularly the top 100 free list), to build my personal “low cost”/”high value” kindle library.

So, anytime that a new free kindle book enter the top 100 lists I follow, IFTT sends me a mail, & “buying” the book is only two clicks away. Another advantage on using the kindle top 100 amazon lists is that you can configure for specific categories that interest you.

People sometimes ask me, why don’t you “download” the books…? Well, it’s illegal :), you certainly won’t find all the books, and that doesn’t compare to having the books in my official amazon account. Amazon bundles amazing services with its amazon kindle books, particularly highlighting (I talked about kindle highlight previously here) . That is the killer feature  for studying, business reading & personal development, I refer to my highlights a lot and having them properly backed up & accessible is really awesome .

So, here’s how to easily configure an IFTTT recipe to send you a mail anytime a new kindle book enters the top 100 free list for a category.

1-First, check the top free kindle page at amazon and browse (left side) to the categories that interest you. You can create an IFTTT recipe for each Amazon category. 


2-On the bottom of the page copy the link address for the “RSS feed “, ex: Subscribe to: Top Free > Computers & technology”



3-Now log in into IFTTT (or create an account first), then create a new IFTTT recipe:



4-For the “this” part (trigger channel) of your recipe choose the “RSS/Feed” channel:


5-On the trigger feed, choose “New feed item”


6-On the feed URL paste the amazon RSS link you’ve saved from the top 100 free page:


7-For the “that” part  (action channel) of IFTTT recipe choose the email action:




8-As for subject &  body of the email that IFTTT will send you, you can use the default. No changes needed.



9-Give a name to your recipe, as I follow several categories I name each one differently, and that’s done!


Now you’ll just have to wait for your first IFTTT notifications right in your email inbox. As long as you have single click buy configured for your amazon account, “buying” the free books will be a two click experience. Click to open the link from the email, and click to buy.


Note: You should always check the current price before buying, as sometimes the books are not free anymore by the time you check the email.

this book in particular is currently not free anymore :(


but it was free at the time I bought it…


So, that’s how I do it! to date I’ve built a reasonable library of more than 1.000 kindle books, the vast majority free at the time I bought them.  Including some best sellers, top rated books & even expensive book collections.

It’s been of huge value to me on several areas in my life.  That being the reason I am a really devoted amazon customer & fan! Amazon just rocks!

So really…What are you waiting for creating you amazon account and filling it with amazing content and kindle ebooks?

good kindle readings!

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How to get email alerts for free Kindle books at Amazon, using IFTTT and top 100 free amazon lists

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7 Responses to How to get email alerts for free Kindle books at Amazon, using IFTTT and top 100 free amazon lists

  1. WordPress says:

    As of early November 2013, Amazon changed all their RSS feed addresses for the free stuff…
    (Even if you go to the right page, the RSS link at the bottom will direct you to the NON-free stuff!!)

    Does anyone have the updated links?

    no longer exists. In fact, all of my “TOP-FREE” links that used to work, no longer do!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. Andy Miller says:

    Yep – Looks like Amazon broke this. I can’t find any RSS feeds to free books.

  3. Matt says:

    Looks like it no longer exists. Any work arounds for this?

    • Rui Quintino says:

      Hi Matt, not for the moment, but working on it, the rss feeds now both redirect to the best seller list, not the top free. Ifttt stopped working. Trying to find and equally good & simple alternative.


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