J.D. Meier [Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft patterns & practices team] great blogs & books

Principal Program Manager Microsoft patterns & practices team,  J.D. Meier work has caught my attention long ago, when security was one of my regular hobbies. Smile His books & work at the p&p team at Microsoft were always a great source of inspiration. And I’m sure it will continue be that way in the years to come. You can check his “p&p” blog here.

With some surprise, I must confess Smile, I recently discovered that JD is also extremely passionate on other, “more mundane”, topics like Personal Development, Emotional-Intelligence, Leadership & many others. And he dedicates his other *great* blog Sources of Insight to these topics!

So if you’re struggling for some work-life balance… first of all, good luck! Smile second, please check JD blog!

Other particular point of interest for me, is that he takes some core principles of agile methodologies into work-life balance topics. And that’s fresh!

And there’s also his book “ Getting Results the Agile Way “, witch its available to read online here, and buy at amazon here. Hope to read it soon. Unfortunately there’s not a Kindle version available yet. Sad smile I’ll  probably “instapaper” some of the free available content.

Some interesting posts …there are so many… :

Five-Minute Thinks – Sources of Insight

How To Read Faster – Sources of Insight

What is a PM? – J.D. Meier’s Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Personal Development Books – Sources of Insight

Day 8 – Dump Your Brain to Free Your Mind – Sources of Insight

40 Hour Work Week at Microsoft – J.D. Meier’s Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

(interesting quote on BI , JD says: “Smart BI (Business Intelligence).   In an online, connected world, there is no reason to be flying blind.  You can guess at what works, or you can instrument, test, and measure.  This is the key to Amazon’s online success.  They can learn and respond.  By using BI effectively, you can figure out exactly what customers want, how much they want it, how they are looking for it, and where they are finding it.  Don’t “push” products.  Find the “pull.”  You can find the appetite or the demand to help drive and shape your supply.”)

Little disclaimer: please note that regarding work-life balance, “pie in the sky”, “get all these great things done” kind of books you should (IMO) take some distance & skepticism , some things works on specific contexts, some apply to you, some  probably don’t. But they frequently have something that you can use someday, somewhere… (I hope…) Smile


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